MADA's Integrated LAES

The transition to a clean energy system will take time and will rely on fossil fuel to provide reliable, dispatchable power for many years to come. MADA has developed and patented applications for liquid air energy storage (LAES) that improve the efficiency and enhance the operations of fossil fuel fired power plants and the LNG production and regasification that supplies many of them. MADA is partnering with power plant and LNG plant owners and the firms that construct them to integrate its LAES technologies and make sure that transition to a net zero future is as clean and profitable as possible.


MADA is developing a new form of clean dispatchable capacity called “Green Capacity”. This may be accomplished using long duration liquid air energy storage (LAES) with clean generation capability. MADA will design and construct Green Capacity systems which utilize the same equipment to burn clean fuels and provide power even when renewable generation is not available and the storage is depleted. Combined with wind and/or solar, Green Capacity provides reliability and operation of a fossil fueled powered plant with zero carbon emissions.

Another “Green Capacity” solution utilizes the GASPOLYGEN technologies developed for the distributed generation (DG) markets and monetization of the stranded gas reserves. These pioneering technologies enabling for the first time to recover an exhaust waste energy of the gas-fired power generator for on-site LNG co-production.


MADA is also the developer, owner and promoter of MEPS™ set of the patented technical solutions, developed by the scientists of IT department. Technologies from the MEPS™ portfolio make possible to validly predict energy production from fossil fuel power plants, and control the processes of charging and discharging energy storage with co-located gas-fired power generator. The first models of MEPS™ software have already successfully been introduced into the energy markets.

Investors & Strategic Partners

MADA Analytics is working in close interaction with its investors and strategic partners focusing on how to best satisfy the current and future demands of our clients for cheaper and cleaner energy. Our non-standard and innovative technical solutions are guarantying the saving of energy and money from realization of any technology in our portfolio and making our company the valued and reliable business partner for all our customers.